José Reis da Silva Ramos was born on August 15 in 1946, in Oliveira do Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia. He is graduated in Metallurgical Engineering from Porto University – Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto.

With only 22 years old, in 1968, joins the manufacturing company Salvador Caetano (now CaetanoBus), and turns into the assistant of the Chairman, Salvador Fernandes Caetano until 1975.

After 1975, he joins the company administration, and later, in 1986, becomes vice-president of Salvador Caetano – I.M.V.T..

In 2007, year that Toyota in Portugal reach accumulates sales of 500.000, the company changes the denomination of Salvador Caetano – I.M.V.T., to Toyota Caetano Portugal, concentrating here all the activities from the brands Toyota and Lexus.

José Ramos takes position as President of Toyota Caetano Portugal in 2010, continuing the leadership and strength that the company has been reaching in the market and within the Salvador Caetano Group.

Also accumulates other positions of responsibility in further companies of the Salvador Caetano Group, which stands-out the Presidency of CaetanoBus, Caetano Auto, Rigor, Portianga, Robert Hudson and Caetano Components.

Active voice in automobile industry, José Ramos takes the presidency of ACAP, Association Automobile Portuguese between 20 of March of 2007 e 27 of March of 2013.

The strong commercial and personal connection that he establish with the Japan, leads him to accept the position of Honorary Consul of Japan in 2002, promoting in his business a link between the 2 countries.

In result of his career he was honored, in 2009, with the gold medal of the City of Vila Nova de Gaia.


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