Toyota Caetano Portugal, SA

Established in 1946, with the vision of a 20 years young man that transformed the company in a solid group, it commemorated in 1996 its Gold Weddings.

Toyota Caetano Portugal, SA, has initiated its work in the chasses activity, that still in the Group because of CaetanoBus.

So, Toyota Caetano Portugal, SA, currently develops the activities that, in resume, we can segment in the following way:

Vila Nova de Gaia:
import of toyota commercial and passengers vehicles;
import and commercialization of parts and technical suppport;
import, commercialization and  after sales assistance of  load movement machines (Toyota e BT);
distribution, commercialization and after sales assistance of Caetano mini- bus (Toyota) in Portugal

Toyota commercial vehicles  assembly (Dyna);
incorporation of components in commercial vehicles.

commercialization and  after sales assistance of  load movement machines (Toyota e BT).

Customer focus:
Certified in Quality (Div. Fabril de Ovar, 1999; Div. Equipamento Industrial - Norte, 1997; Dir. Toyota e Lexus, 2009) and Environment (Div. Fábril Ovar, 2004 ; Dir. Toyota e Lexus, 2006), according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system, Toyota Caetano Portugal strategy follows continuous improvement procedures across all value chain. For that, Toyota Caetano Portugal’s integrated management system for Quality and Environment allows to reach better internal proceedings and processes, with positive impact n the global company performance results. With this certification Toyota Caetano Portugal assures to focus all business and organization to put client first and in the centre.


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